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Welcome to Sarajevo

An excellent merging of the political with the fictional by Michael Winterbottom.

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I have watched “Welcome to Sarajevo” several times and also own a copy. I showed it to my kids so that they will see a whole other world, rather than the existence that they are accustomed to. I try to show them that they are very lucky not to live in a country that is in the midst of a war. They do not know what it is like to be shelled on a daily basis, always being afraid of being hit by sniper fire or RPGs. The world is full of children who have seen horrible things. Things that will affect them for the rest of their lives. My children don’t have to worry that when they walk out their door that they will be shot or bombed. They don’t have to live in constant fear of death at any moment. They have clean running water, food, clean clothes and a home that has not been damaged by shelling. I want my kids to realize that the world is always going to have people who are drunk on power and will persecute those that they feel are different from themselves. If they lived in one of these countries, they would find life very, very different. I do not want my kids to be self-absorbed and focused on the materialistic things in life. I try to teach them that there is more to the world than the little “box” that they live in. So with that, I show them just what other people go through who have been in a war-torn country. In America, we are they only country in the world that has never been occupied by a foreign country. They do not have to worry about check-points and the fact that if you don’t have the correct papers, there is a very good chance that you will be shot and left where they shot you. No one will kill you just because they perceive you to be different from themselves. I want them to be informed of the real dangers other people live in every day and the movie ‘Welcome to Sarajevo” showed all the things they need to know. Children who have witnessed the murder of family members and the fact that they could die at any moment. Thank you to the director and writer, plus the cast and crew for putting on the very real face of the war in Bosnia. I had been studying this war for some time before I discovered this film. I never tire of watching it. I am fascinated with Eastern Europe anyway so this was a perfect film for me as well as showing my kids a different face of their world as they know it. Thank you for letting me comment about this powerful film.

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