The Dork Report

The Dork Report for September 9, 2006

  • An Ultimately negative (but insightfully so) piece on Watchmen, gleaned from its Wikipedia entry: "Fighting Evil, Quoting Nietzsche: Did the comic book really need to grow up?" by Tom Shone.
  • Quinn: a really fun and really free Tetris falling blocks game for the Mac.
  • Serve with Chips has loads of scoops on the upcoming Transformers feature film: Bumblebee is no longer a VW Beetle! Bummer! Megatron’s face looks like the Sarlaac Pit, and Optimus Prime is seriously blinged out.
  • The Beatles are suing their label EMI for nonpayment of $57 million in royalties, and are seeking the return of their master recordings. Of course, The Beatles are already bazillionaires, but on the other hand, being in that position gives them the ability to do the right thing: taking on a megacorporation to protect the rights of artists.
  • The new SpiralFrog online music service (backed by Universal and EMI) is just… crazy. Who in their right mind would listen to 90 seconds of advertising before each song, and visit the site monthly? That’s worse than commercial radio. Free is not cheap enough. (note: the "90-second" statistic comes from BigO, but I can’t find confirmation elsewhere)
  • Supergroup Asia prog-rockin’ it like it’s 1981, with an official website design like it’s 1996! Holy Christ those guys are ugly. Sorry, that was a cheap shot.
  • Fonts for Flash relaunches with a much narrower design. One little detail I don’t recall ever seeing in a Flash site before: visited link colors.
  • This is seriously one of the dorkiest things I have ever seen: Miniature, self-contained, working Atari game keychains.
  • I want to move to Norway. The Oslo Contemporary Art Museum dumped three tons of LEGOs outdoors for people to build whatever they wanted for a future exhibit.

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