The Dork Report

The Dork Report for November 27, 2006

MacHeist 2 ended last week, so catching up: I’ve landed a free trial copy of 1Passwd; at first blush it looks like it might actually help me bring some sense to the password chaos of my online life. (Hubert, are you listening?)

Information Architects Japan asserts Web Design is 95% Typography (see also part II).

Trailing the MacZot, MyDreamApp, and MacHeist shareware marketing stunts comes MacAppADay, giving away 5000 copies of a different Mac shareware program every day starting December 1.

Tom Baker, (almost) everybody’s favorite Doctor Who, blogs for Blockbuster UK. Despite frequent allusions to mortality (he’s getting up there), he’s still a total riot.

Setting new standards in Doctor Who esoterica: Target Practice examines each and every slim novelization (before video, let alone DVD, the sole way to collect and "re-experience" the classic stories – and come to think of it, still the only way since many of the original episodes have long since been junked). Lest that subject be too broad for the true Who anorak, From the Heart of Europe analyzes the nine novelizations by late Who star Ian Marter. has the scoop on the Genesis remasters due as soon as March 2007.

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