The Dork Report

The Dork Report for May 30, 2006

  • Stock photography cliches. They missed the ubiquitous asian guy with glasses who was everywhere during the dot-com boom.
  • Woooooo… creepy. (spotted on Fortean Times)
  • More awesome weirdness. (spotted on Fortean Times)
  • Gary Trudeau does in the funny pages what should be on the front.
  • The first Lost action figure is Charlie pulling a Night of the Hunter. And just as an aside, remember when action figures were poseable?
  • Decepticons got they ass kicked, Transformas still old-skool like Coke Classic. (guest submission from Dave)
  • A part useful, part nonsense Lost flowchart. (guest submission from Everything is Connected Andrea)
  • Picturehouse President Bob Berney tells the Boston Globe: “I don’t think the audience cares how the film is financed or distributed.” Well, duh! But at least somebody from Hollywood apparently gets that.
  • The official Snakes on a Plane site launches a new “Snake Kit” feature… but you have to cough up your name, email, and birthdate!
  • AppleInsider reports on Adobe Apollo. Good news: Adobe claims it won’t merge Flash Player and Adobe Reader, as originally threatened. Bad news: looks like the corporate concept of Flash as online application development platform prevails still. In other words, it’s being positioned further away from interactive designers (that is to say, me) and even more towards software engineers and programmers.
  • Forget Batman vs. Superman or Jesus vs. Elvis, here’s the real contest: Neo vs. Robocop, Clint & Yoda.
  • Brian Eno is on the upcoming Roxy Music album after all?
  • The head of music at Virgin Megastores is going around telling people vinyl is outselling cds on new releases.

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