The Dork Report

The Dork Report for July 30, 2006

  • Breck Eisner’s 1994 student film "Recon," starring a cyberpunk Peter Gabriel. I’ve always wanted to see this… never occurred to me to check out YouTube.
  • Just to further illustrate that YouTube has everything, here’s video of “Rachel Blake’s” impassioned Hanso Foundation protest at the Comic-Con Lost panel.
  • Catching up on my Neil Gaiman:
    • A sample of the newly remastered Absolute Sandman, Volume One of which incidentally now has a cover and release date (November 1).
    • Fragile Things, a new book and cd of short stories, coming on September 26.
    • The cover and some art from his new comics series, Eternals (and more here). For dorks in the know, there’s a stunning bit of news at the bottom of the page… Marvel has agreed to (re?)publish Miracleman when the rights clear?! (of course, Gaiman’s been in court over that matter for at least a decade, so I’m not holding my breath)
  • With (now free to the public, with tons of video), AIM Fight, the new AIM Pages, AOL is trying really hard to look cool in the face of massive impending layoffs.
  • Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time. The usual suspects are present and accounted for (Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Brazil, etc.) but kudos for including less obvious choices (and Dork Report favorites) like Before Sunset, Brazil, Rushmore, and Big Night. (spotted on

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