The Dork Report

The Dork Report for July 22, 2006

  • More wild Apple speculation: eBooks alongside a full-screen iPod and movie downloads? (spotted on MacRumors)
  • More details on K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith‘s return to TV, with pictures! (spotted on Outpost Gallifrey)
  • Kottke highlights an Independent cover graphic that briliantly illustrates international reaction to the war.
  • Nutjob UN Ambassador John Bolton performs some pretty brutal calculus on the relative worth of Lebanese vs. Israeli citizens’ lives. What a bastard.
  • Everything about Rhino Records’ new Digital Store seems great: out-of-print albums that would otherwise be unavailable, a huge catalog of music videos, and hand-picked discounted mini-compilations. But they commit some of the biggest music sins of digital music sales (some of which are admittedly just the pet peeves of a music snob):
    • alphabetizing solo artists by their first names, and any band whose name begins with "The" under "T"
    • supports only the extremely unpopular Windows Media DRM, excluding Linux, Macs, iPods, etc.
    • no reviews, credits, liner notes, or even original release dates
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides new FAQs (Frequently Awkward Questions) for the entertainment industry. (spotted on BigO)
  • The IconFactory posted a cryptic message on their homepage Friday… what could they be up to?

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