The Dork Report

The Dork Report for July 14, 2006

  • After years of getting picked up and put down by various labels, Joseph Arthur is launching his own independent label, Lonely Astronaut. His new album Nuclear Daydream drops on September 19, to be followed by a long-awaited-by-The-Dork-Report US tour running through November.
  • I’m still immature enough to think things like this are awesome. (spotted on CNN)
  • An flurry of activity from one of my favorite old (and I mean "old" in the geriatric sense) bands, The Who:
    • Their first world tour in over 20 years, if you ignore the numerous reunion mini-tours.
    • A new EP "Wire & Glass" comes out August 1, excerpting a song cycle (known to music snobs as a "rock opera") from a forthcoming studio album, their first in 23 years!
    • Tons of video, some free, on
  • Roger Waters live in Italy on July 12, a concert dedicated to Syd Barrett.

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