The Dork Report

The Dork Report for December 7, 2006

At last, the IconFactory QuickPix 2006! (spotted on Daring Fireball)

All the bastiches wot done ripped off Panic. Not just their graphics, but even a photo of their office.

Cleaning up my bookmarks… Here’s one I saved a while ago but can’t remember if I posted: a working Lego Harpsicord

The indispensible guide to Bad Movies. Everything from MST3K classic Manos The Hands of Fate (which translates as, of course, Hands The Hands of Fate) to Peter Jackson’s early classic Meet the Feebles. And remember, don’t Hassle the Hoff… in space!

Oh no! Movie Place has passed on! I wouldn’t go as far as Hodg-man: "IT WAS ARGUABLY the reason I moved into my first apartment on 105th Street. OK: I WILL CEASE TO ARGUE–it was THE reason" but I would say that it was a strong motivation to stay in Morningside Heights for several years after finishing school. And it’s also partly true to say that one reason I was more willing to eventually move out was the advent of Netflix. (spotted on 43Folders)

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