The Dork Report

The Dork Report for December 1, 2006

Thank you, DaringFireball, now I know it’s not just me! I too adore Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine black rollerball pens, and carry one with me everywhere! I loathe to lend one to anybody, and I’m thrown off for the rest of the day on the rare occasions I leave it behind. Further reinforcing my new feeling of community, the customer reviews are all raves. Incidentally, John Gruber was actually blogging about the game SketchFighter, which looks amazing.

The Number 23 onesheet owes a lot to Stefan Sagmeister’s Lou Reed Set the Twilight Reeling poster.

Listen to The Fountain score, and roll your own on The Fountain Remixed.

Don’t let the brussels sprouts bite. (guest submission from Andrea)

Typographical horrors on Flikr: Atrocious apostrophe’s and “quotation” “mark” “abuse” photo galleries. (guest submission from Dave)

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