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The Dork Report for April 5, 2006

A question most appropriate to this blog: How geeky are you? (guest submission from Andrea) A pair of Doctor Who treats to kick off today’s Report:

  • The BBC are being surprisingly generous in broadcasting Tardisodes free online.
  • Who is Doctor Who?, Mickey’s video blog (if you can parse the accent).

Extra-strength tryptophan was clearly not enough to defeat Hagryphus giganteus’s predators. (guest submission from Andrea)

“cork and work” and… dork? Absurdities of English Spelling (guest submission from Dave)

Bjorn Tipling’s Color Tool (guest submission from Dave)

The Apple fan/apologist’s ultimate hell freezes over scenario. But maybe it’s time to share the pain. You don’t say! Gosh, this really shakes my faith in our president. Cough, cough.

I’m a latecomer to this already-famous treasure: Overheard in New York.

Harvey Pekar has written a graphic novel biography of the founder.

Wired counts seven sci-fi concept albums. Only seven? I nominate The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (more surreal fantasy than sci-fi, perhaps?) and Tales from Topographic Oceans (too sucky?). The latter clocks in at no. 4 in the Ten Scariest Concept Albums of All Time.

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I scored a 49 on the Geek Quiz. I’m off to write a new quiz called “How Surprised Are You That Holley Scored a 49 On The Geek Quiz? Quiz.”

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