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For a mere 8 dollars (sent whizzing virtually through the interwebs to The Big Word Project), I have redefined two words in the English dictionary. All in the name of promoting The Blog That Few Read The Dork Report.

Everyone, take out your pens and scratch out the following two words from your dictionaries: CHAD and DORK, ’cause they belong to me now, fools.

via Daring Fireball

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After I left the comment I clicked again and finally got it.

Do you know that the bulk of Ordinary World’s traffic comes from people who Google “mean teacher” and see my avatar under the image selection (it’s in the top three now! I just checked.) And, apparently, b/c my avatar’s hot (oh the LIES!!) they click on to the site.

I know, I’ll Google’n’click you for a half hour or so when I’m bored at work sometime, try to help you out.

Don’t tease me about my lunchbags. It’s my sole creative outlet right now!

The new definitions are… uh, me.

OK, so maybe I just burned $8. But I thought a little linkage might help my Google rankings… I’m sill steamed that my own sites aren’t the top results for my own name!

Now stop worrying about it and get back to your lovely lunchbags…

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