The Best, Worst, and Most Unseen Movies of 2007

Followers of this blog (a statistic which I believe can be plotted on an arc approaching zero) may have noticed an accumulation of digital dust this past year. Indeed, this Dork Reporter watched his own blog drop off the first page of Google results for his own name. Who’s feeling lucky?

A new year, another birthday (good gravy I’m old), and my somewhat strong personal reaction to the movie Cloverfield recently moved me to quietly re-inaugurate this poor old thing. I’m in the early stages of hammering the basic baked-in blog template into a new design direction, which I ask readers to please overlook for the time being.

I still saw a lot of movies over the past year that I’d have liked to talk about in these pages. So coming up next are a series of posts that no one asked for and are almost certainly too late anyway: a review of the best (in my opinion) & worst (also, alas, in my opinion) films of 2007 (that I’ve seen, mind you).

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