The Best of Inception Online

To follow up on my recent review of Inception, here’s a collection of the best online coverage I’ve seen elsewhere:

Devin Faraci’s Never Wake Up: The Meaning and Secret of Inception is the best thing you will read about Inception, an opinion shared by The Awl. “Inception is about making movies, and cinema is the shared dream that truly interests the director.”

“You have three minutes to make a PowerPoint presentation that will take me three hours to click through.” Christopher Nolan’s Implementation, from The New Yorker, by Gideon Lewis-Kraus. Via

The Cobol Job, the official prequel, in comic book form.

Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio’s pal and fellow ecowarrior, gave Inception a rare endorsement on his blog.

An appropriately Escher-esque infographic by Last Exit To Nowhere.

Cinema Blend provides a very handy F.A.Q.

Prepare to have your mind blown all over again by this key musical cue clue discovered by YouTube user camiam321, drawing on hints dropped by composer Hans Zimmer in the L.A. Times:

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