TarnationGod, I want to jump out a window. I sandwiched a movie as innocuous as Willy Wonka inbetween this recent run of major movie bummers: Tarnation, Kurt & Courtney, Sid & Nancy, 11’09″01, Downfall… but it didn’t amount to much more than a breather. Let’s see… are there any Care Bear DVDs on Netflix I can use to balance out the movies I’ve been watching recently that feature grief, despair, holocaust, addiction, abuse, and terrorism?

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  1. OK, forget I mentioned the Care Bears! I feel a little bit like Dan Akroyd in Ghostbusters… I tried to think of the most innocuous thing possible, and instead conjured a demonic Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Oh, and yes, The Incredibles is pure, unalloyed brilliance.

  2. Care Bears suck about as much as the Power Puff Girls (the movie). When I went to see it with my kids, it was so ANNOYINGLY LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS, I actually fell asleep in the movie theater… (a feat never accomplished before). For excellent “family” movies, try: Hidalgo, Ella Enchanted and of course older favorites include: Chocolat, Pirates of the Carribean and Finding Neverland. (notice a Depp theme?)

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