Visualizing the Invisible: Bright Star

As an English Major in another life, I’m not uninterested in poetry, or Keats in particular. Movies about poetry are another matter. It’s difficult to imagine a less natural source material for the eminently visual medium of cinema than poetry. You can mute the sound, drain the color, or take off the 3D spectacles, but […]

Flarf! Gesundheit. More Spam Poetry prior art

Forget “spoetry”; according to Boing Boing, experiments in the field stretch back a few years, and were known as “flarf”. The Flarf Festival is a series of live events in New York City between April 20-22. For archival purposes, here are my own three attempts: General Flood 250 Ways to Thank You Here We Come!

Spam Poem No. 3: “General Flood”

General Flood thank god I’m back now Important question did you hear about this general flood you won’t believe this bereavement entering the line of populations if left after flooding is it, Will it work out? conditions will be hard as nails A spell by ballistics shrewd may aim some hey girl gunfight uproarious Ten […]

Spam Poem No. 2: “250 Ways to Thank You”

The second in a series of found poetry taken from spam subjects. I’m taking a different tack this time, avoiding the more absurdist lines that appear in No. 1 “Here we come!” (there’s plenty more of that waiting for No. 3) and aiming instead for a coherent narrative flow. 250 Ways to Thank You Don’t […]

Spam Poem No. 1: “Here we come!”

In recent months I’ve noticed my spam becoming increasingly bizarre. Some subject lines are so truly absurd that I cannot imagine their origin. Are they simply really bad translations of, say, Russian or Portuguese? Are they random machine generations meant to foil spam filters? It’s a mystery. It has, however, made my daily batch of […]

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