The Dork Report Special Edition: My iTunes 7 Nightmare

As Engadget reports, iTunes 7 may be more than a little flakey, and I have a nightmare story of my own. First, some background: I use a PowerBook G4 17″, with a very, very large iTunes library of 16,000 plus tracks, stored on an external 250 GB LaCie Firewire hard drive. Perhaps unwisely, I was […]

The Dork Report for September 13, 2006

Time for some obligatory mouthing off about Apple’s latest iFiesta: iPod with Video (such an ungainly name): enhanced with more storage and brighter screen. iPod Nano: totally redesigned. Or rather, it’s just like the retired iPod mini except more mini. Comes in a very confusing array of models, with certain colors only available with certain […]

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