The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Influence & Legacy

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has been adapted and extended into virtually every media yet conceived by humankind — if more advanced species elsewhere in the galaxy are able to plug the story directly into their brains, they haven’t yet shared the technology with us earthlings. Back on Earth, Adams personally wrote the […]

Based On a True Story: Mike Daisey

I agree 99% with the popular consensus regarding Mike Daisey: he lied. But the tiny 1% nobody seems to be talking about is bothering the hell out of me: if his now infamous monologue The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs is a work of fiction, why can’t we talk about it as a work […]

Design is how it works: Gary Hustwit’s Objectified

Objectified finds its thesis in a quotation from one of history’s prime industrialists, Henry Ford: “Every object, whether intentional or not, speaks to whoever put it there.” In other words, everything we select, purchase, and interact with, was first designed and manufactured by a skilled artisan. That person’s job is to obsess about you, your […]

The Dork Report Special Edition: My iTunes 7 Nightmare

As Engadget reports, iTunes 7 may be more than a little flakey, and I have a nightmare story of my own. First, some background: I use a PowerBook G4 17″, with a very, very large iTunes library of 16,000 plus tracks, stored on an external 250 GB LaCie Firewire hard drive. Perhaps unwisely, I was […]

The Dork Report for September 13, 2006

Time for some obligatory mouthing off about Apple’s latest iFiesta: iPod with Video (such an ungainly name): enhanced with more storage and brighter screen. iPod Nano: totally redesigned. Or rather, it’s just like the retired iPod mini except more mini. Comes in a very confusing array of models, with certain colors only available with certain […]

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