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Pandorum is all premise and no logic

I rented Christian Alvart’s Pandorum solely on the strength of the premise: two men awake from suspended animation, on a spaceship, in a locked room, not knowing where they are, what their mission is, or if there even is a mission. It’s well cast with Dennis Quaid and the very intense Ben Foster. This is all good stuff, but it spirals downhill from there, with unimaginative monsters and a huge number of gaping plot holes:

  • Are there no portholes out which to look, and notice the absence of stars?
  • Unless I missed something, it’s never explicitly stated the monsters are descended from the ship’s passengers. Not only is this plot twist cribbed from the caving horror movie Descent, it’s scientifically implausible that any species other than a fruit fly to physically devolve so much in only 900 years.
  • Why would the bad guy lock himself in suspended animation for hundreds of years? To see how his social experiment would turn out? If so, why bother keeping up the ruse for so long?
  • If the botanist awoke to tend to the stores of plant life, why could she not compute how much time had passed?

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