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Daily Dork Report for March 2, 2006

  • Wow, dude from Dominos is straight-up hard-core Catholic, baby. Watch your tail, Chick-fil-a.
  • Steampunk Transformers, with art by… Ted McKeever?! Isn’t that sort of like hiring David Lynch to direct G.I. Joe?
  • Mickey is now a one-button mouse.
  • My difficult-to-pronounce boy from Philly is certainly a big-spender.
  • This is simultaneously fascinating and enraging. I sympathize with parents who don’t have time to keep up with popular culture and need an unbiased information source to judge for themselves whether or not a movie is appropriate for their kids, but I don’t think this is it. Who are these people? Who appointed them? I’m worried they are indirectly censoring films, under the guise of informing parents. It’s about the children, you understand.
  • Let’s see, what did we get out of Apple’s latest extravaganza:
    • iPod Hi-Fi: No doubt a fun toy for flush audiofiles, but kinda useless for a New York City apartment-dweller like myself.
    • Mac Mini: Take out the video card, add a remote control, and it costs $100 more? Although to be totally honest, I must admit I don’t really understand what a video card does. While the whole concept of a Mac media center thingie on my TV sounds really neat, the price hike completely soured it for me.
    • Leather iPod Case: insanely overpriced cow-flesh sleeve with no access to the face. In other words, it’s designed specifically to scratch your iPod. I just have to join in the chorus here: What were they thinking?
  • Thank goodness that during the phenomenal catastrophe that was Katrina, Bush was watching a lot of television and asking a lot of good questions.
  • Absolute Sandman. Darn. Guess I wasted my time and money tracking down those first-edition hardcovers on eBay…

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