The Dork Report for November 28, 2006

Because the Dork Report loves to quibble with lists of things: sharpen your fangs for Time Magazine‘s All-TIME 100 albums. The editors attempt to preempt criticism by admitting their exclusion of Pink Floyd, but I’d like to add a few more points:

  • I think the inclusion of so many greatest-hits compilation albums is a cop-out. I suppose one could argue that the concept of an "album" as a stand-alone work wasn’t established until around the time of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers and The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, severely limiting the decades from which to cull a list of "best albums". But look how many vintage artists are represented in the current decade: Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Hank Williams? If none of those could manage to squeeze out a classic stand-alone album in their own era, it shouldn’t penalize Pink Floyd’s massively popular and influential and critically acclaimed Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Perhaps another rule could have been to exclude multiple albums from the same artist? That said, I love Radiohead too much to make the Sophie’s Choice between OK Computer and Kid A. But that said, if I had to pick one Bowie album, I wouldn’t choose Ziggy Stardust or Hunky Dory (the real contest is between Heroes and Low).

Preview the first four minutes of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special (spotted on Insomniac Mania):

The Dork Report for November 27, 2006

MacHeist 2 ended last week, so catching up: I’ve landed a free trial copy of 1Passwd; at first blush it looks like it might actually help me bring some sense to the password chaos of my online life. (Hubert, are you listening?)

Information Architects Japan asserts Web Design is 95% Typography (see also part II).

Trailing the MacZot, MyDreamApp, and MacHeist shareware marketing stunts comes MacAppADay, giving away 5000 copies of a different Mac shareware program every day starting December 1.

Tom Baker, (almost) everybody’s favorite Doctor Who, blogs for Blockbuster UK. Despite frequent allusions to mortality (he’s getting up there), he’s still a total riot.

Setting new standards in Doctor Who esoterica: Target Practice examines each and every slim novelization (before video, let alone DVD, the sole way to collect and "re-experience" the classic stories – and come to think of it, still the only way since many of the original episodes have long since been junked). Lest that subject be too broad for the true Who anorak, From the Heart of Europe analyzes the nine novelizations by late Who star Ian Marter. has the scoop on the Genesis remasters due as soon as March 2007.

The Dork Report for November 16, 2006

“Weird Al” Yankovic, not only a brilliant satirist, is also a shrewd collaborator: check out his new video with Jib Jab: Do I Creep You Out.

Entertainment Weekly tasks a Star Wars virgin to watch all six Star Wars films in chronological order (as opposed to order of release), and is shocked to learn it doesn’t work. Well, duh. I assumed it was obvious to all that the correct order to watch them would be IV » V » VI » I » II » III. A prequel is not necesssarily intended to be viewed first. Or to put it another way, prequel is like one big-ass flashback, meant to illuminate what you’ve already seen, but whose significance isn’t palpable if seen first. (guest submission from Andrea)

Blender‘s most disatrous albums. Proud to say I only own one of them, Moby’s Animal Rights. (guest submission from Andrea)

Abandoned Places. (guest submission from Dave)

Piece together LEGO minifig bands. Hilariously accurate, especially the incarnations of U2 from 1987, 2000, and 2004.

The Dork Report for November 13, 2006

Download the new avant-garde ringtones for the N8800 Sirocco Edition phone by Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto. (spotted on Nerve Net)

Brian Eno profiled on on the event of the release of the DVD-ROM 77 Million Paintings. Oddly, the "team used Macs almost exclusively," but the vaunted "generative" aspect of the piece does not work on a Mac. (spotted on Nerve Net)

The Dork Report for November 5, 2006

The Telegraph interviews Peter Gabriel on freedom from choice, Lithuanian rap music, and passing on the Genesis reunion.

Paul Cornell goes boozing with his fellow Doctor Who writers on his blog, the House of Awkwardness.

The Guardian interviews The Restoration Team, miracle-workers regenerating vintage Doctor Who footage for DVD. (spotted on Kasterborous)

Brickwiki, including narratives like "The Gruesome Tale of Dr Schlieffer" and massive projects like the LEGO aircraft carrier.

The Dork Report for October 30, 2006

Hack the Torchwood Secure Extranet.

Wired commissions very short stories (6 words, tops) from the best of the best (including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Neil Stephenson, just to name a few), designed by such luminaries as Chip Kidd. (guest submission from Andrea)

Three vintage Tom Baker television appearances: an Australian interview (Tom was clearly not into it, but endulges us with an intense stare or two), a hilarious Dead Ringers prank call, and a premature introduction to the internet, hosted by Douglas Adams!

Mmm… Dalek pumpkin (guest submission from Andrea)

A guidebook for tourists from the real world: The Matrix locations. (guest submission from Dave)