Exclusive! The Expendables 3 Poster

Coming summer 2014 — The Expendables 3! Starring Lynda Carter, Pam Grier, Linda Hamilton, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Uma Thurman, Sigourney Weaver, and Michelle Yeoh. This movie does not exist, but should. Hollywood, call me.

Based On a True Story: Mike Daisey

I agree 99% with the popular consensus regarding Mike Daisey: he lied. But the tiny 1% nobody seems to be talking about is bothering the hell out of me: if his now infamous monologue The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs is a work of fiction, why can’t we talk about it as a work […]

The Big Word Project

For a mere 8 dollars (sent whizzing virtually through the interwebs to The Big Word Project), I have redefined two words in the English dictionary. All in the name of promoting The Blog That Few Read The Dork Report. Everyone, take out your pens and scratch out the following two words from your dictionaries: CHAD […]

Paul Muni: Original Gangsta

The Onion AV Club’s How’d it get burned? 22 film remakes dramatically different from the originals piece points out that while Al Pacino’s Scarface has become a modern gangsta icon, nobody slaps the original Paul Muni incarnation from 1930 onto t-shirts, posters, and cheezy mirrors for sale by street vendors. A quick Googling confirmed that […]

Dork Report for February 20, 2008 (Special Mutant Freak Edition)

Whut- duh- huh? Wow! The Daily Telegraph: World’s Only Blue-Eyed Koala Gadzooks! A mutant koala kutie-pie Flickr: Pizzler’s Albino Moose photos How not to be seen Today’s Dork Report featured guest reporting by Dave.

The Dork Report for Feburary 3, 2007

Kids-in-Mind is my new favorite site, boldly making no distinction between parents (looking for information about the latest piece of crap their kids are begging to see) and right-wing cultural warriors (looking for something else upon which to blame society). According to my non-scientific survey of the site contents, Scary Movie is possibly the most […]

The Dork Report for January 27, 2007

Horning in on our spottily-updated territory, Mean Teacher gets her Dork on and pens a proper concert review (but not before paying the price). That said, no, you’re never too old. Although it’s probably best The Peppers don’t rock out with their socks out anymore… do they? Peter Gabriel’s gone indie. (spotted on Genesis-Movement) This […]

The Dork Report for January 18, 2007

Wikipedia’s Unusual Articles entry does exactly what it says on the tin, and it’s a veritable goldmine. Just to name a few gems at random: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, famous body parts, list of self-referential songs. Bouncing back from last year’s biking injury, Michael Brook lines up his 2007 tour dates. […]

The Dork Report for January 15, 2007

A belated announcement: Mean Teacher opts for a new blog persona in the new year: Ordinary World. Thrill and wonder at her first-class movie reviews and tales from the catbox. Nintendo stuff on my cat: WiiKitty. Twitterific, a new (free!) application from The IconFactory. Twitter allows one to never lose touch with all your virtual […]

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