The Dork Report for October 30, 2006

Hack the Torchwood Secure Extranet.

Wired commissions very short stories (6 words, tops) from the best of the best (including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Neil Stephenson, just to name a few), designed by such luminaries as Chip Kidd. (guest submission from Andrea)

Three vintage Tom Baker television appearances: an Australian interview (Tom was clearly not into it, but endulges us with an intense stare or two), a hilarious Dead Ringers prank call, and a premature introduction to the internet, hosted by Douglas Adams!

Mmm… Dalek pumpkin (guest submission from Andrea)

A guidebook for tourists from the real world: The Matrix locations. (guest submission from Dave)

The Dork Report for October 26, 2006

The MyDreamApp winners are in, and scores of Hijack lovers (why, why?) are sticking out their lower lips and crying foul.

Adobe Soundbooth, a free beta until February 27.

Wall Street seems to think Apple can do no knong these days, but in the bad old years there was plenty of wrong to go around: Apple’s Missteps: 8 Products that tanked. Who know Apple tried to enter the digital camera market in 1994?

The Dork Report for October 23, 2006

MyDreamApp finals! I voted for Whistler as I planned all along, but also for Portal, surprising myself, because I previously thought it was redundant for a .Mac user like myself. I still think Hijack is just lame, and Cookbook is really slick but not something I’d have the time or inclination to use myself. I’ve lost interest in Blossom, so that leaves Atmosphere, which also doesn’t really thrill me.

Thrill to the cool ambient stylings of Fripp & Eno in their new long-player The Cotswold Gnomes.

An honest-to-goodness LEGO flamethrower.

The Independent profiles Doctor Who and Torchwood shepherd Russell T. Davies. Potentially disappointing to those expecting Torchwood‘s advertised adult nature:

"I don’t mean sex or swearing; I just mean life, the beat and the tick of it, Gwen in her flat with her boyfriend. It wouldn’t work so well at 7pm on a Saturday."

Heads up! (or should that be "arms up"?) Threadless $10 sale until Wednesday morning.

Speaking of T-Shirts, the mad proliferation of t-sites expands to the Apple afficionado world with Insanely Great Tees.

And now for a Dork Report item aimed at both interface and typography gurus: Icon Words, from (who else?) The Iconfactory.

Finally, a podcast I might listen to: Pixelsurgeon‘s Audiosurgeon.

The Dork Report for October 18, 2006

Finally found the source of the whizz-bang Lightbox 2 image viewer and slideshow scripts I’ve been seeing all over the place these days (like on sites like Shopify).

All Doctor Who fans with a sense of humor ought to bookmark Behind the Sofa, a great blog providing uncensored appraisals of nearly every episode and alternate DVD commentary tracks via podcast.

The Independent has an update on Paul McGann, the self-professed “George Lazenby of Doctor Who.”

The Dork Report for October 17, 2006

  • Some time recently Michael Brook’s official website has expanded with a full discography, newsletter, and store.
  • Joseph Arthur’s official site has video of him performing "Slide Away" on The Late Show With David Letterman on October 10th.
  • Steve Jobs must be in a romantic mood; every metaphor he musters to dismiss Doo-Doo Brown Zune in Newsweek involves a girl (spotted on Apple Insider):

    “I’ve seen the demonstrations on the Internet about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes forever … By the time you’ve gone through all that, the girl’s got up and left! You’re much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear.”

    And on the possibility of the iPod losing its appeal amongst competing products:

    “That’s like saying you don’t want to kiss your lover’s lips because everyone has lips,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

  • What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold LEGOs!
  • Eric Idle finds more Python to plunder for the new oratorio "Not the Messiah," based on the Monty Python movie Life of Brian. (guest submission from Andrea)
  • Digital zombies shuffle one more step into reality. (guest submission from Andrea)

The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep movie poster


Michel Gondry is a treasure; endlessly inventive and thankfully prolific. His music videos (especially Björk’s "Bachelorette" and The White Stripes’ "Fell in Love With a Girl") and films (Human Nature & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) are all personal favorites, with "Bachelorette" and Eternal Sunshine both moving me deeply.

But I found myself a tiny bit unsatisfied with The Science of Sleep, despite its flood of original imagery and enthusiastic performances. For a movie that concerns the blending of fantasy with reality, I think the problem is that there’s too much reality. Stephane (Gael García Bernal) experiences a smooth continuum between his waking and dream life, which his mother explicitly acknowleges as an actual condition, in other words, a mental illness. In the cold light of his mother’s diagnosis and his often hurtful behavior towards his crush Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), Stephane is less of a charmingly eccentric dreamer, and rather a sad case that could probably not have a successful relationship without medication.

The Dork Report for October 13, 2006

  • Practically every site featured on csstux is so gorgeously slick it’s a wonder I have a job as a web designer.
  • Terry Gilliam busks on the streets of New York for his controversial new film Tideland. (spotted on Neil Gaiman’s Journal)
  • The Independent has a long interview with Alan Moore on the occasion of the hit publication of Lost Girls (spotted on Neil Gaiman’s Journal). Interesting news include The Mindscape of Alan Moore, a DVD on sale November 18 from Shadowsnake Films. Here’s the poster.

The Dork Report for October 12, 2006