The Girl in the Café

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David Yate’s The Girl in the Café, a made-for-HBO movie, was incredibly cute, and my heartstrings were indeed pulled, but I couldn’t shake the sense the love story was wrapped around the real purpose of the film: explicating the issue of extreme poverty to help warm the public up for Live 8. Of course, I feel like a bastard for criticizing this aspect of it. Plus, the age difference between Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald was so icky that, forget about disagreeing over whether to battle or defer to stubborn politicians, it’s an issue unto itself.

Actually, it’s a perfectly charming and lovely movie, I’m sorry.

Reykjavik should hereby pass an ordinance decreeing its name shall heretoforth be spoken only in a Scottish accent.

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Eight Below

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More dogs! Fewer people! In fact, how about no people at all? Then this two-plus hour slog could be transformed into a nice hour of lovely nature photography and cute fluffy pups fighting adversity.

I hope Disney makes it clear this is a PG film not for the really little ones, for there’s a scene in there that scared the bejeezus out of a room full of seasoned adults. But it is often too cute; most notably in the scene where the dogs suddenly begin “talking” to each other. And the lovable canines remain plump and well-groomed despite starving in the tundra for 3 months.

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