Thank You for Smoking

Thank You For Smoking movie poster


A wicked con­tem­po­rary satire, dis­tant cousin to Lord of War, if a lit­tle less urgent. The level of pub­lic anx­i­ety over Big Tobacco isn’t ter­ri­bly high at the moment, but the larger theme of cor­po­rate and gov­ern­men­tal spin is a timely one. Also like Lord of War, it kicks off with insane energy: one of the best open­ing title sequences I’ve ever seen, fol­lowed by flurry of pop-up info­graph­ics, freeze-frames, and ironic sub­ti­tles. Too bad that after the first half hour or so, it set­tles down into fairly straight­for­ward fam­ily melodrama.

And now that’s what I call e-cards.

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