Retina Favicons & Jungian Archetypes: A Pair of Updates

Two recent posts saw sub­stan­tial updates today:

King Crim­son Album Art: In the Wake of Posei­don
A com­menter got in touch with some very inter­est­ing details regard­ing Tammo de Jongh’s paint­ing for King Crimson’s In the Wake of Posei­don… or should I say twelve paint­ings? If this sounds inter­est­ing to you too, well, what are you wait­ing for? Read all about it in our revised visual essay.

Fav­i­con & Apple Touch Icon Adobe Fire­works Tem­plate
The scin­til­lat­ing topic of retina-ready fav­i­cons burst back into the world’s con­scious­ness recently when it became the topic of dis­cus­sion on Dar­ing Fire­ball and CSS Tricks. If you’re in the micro-infinitesimal sliver of soci­ety that finds any of this inter­est­ing and uses Adobe Fire­works, don’t miss this updated tem­plate file.