The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal movie poster


Oops. I should have let The Dark Crys­tal live on in my child­hood mem­o­ries as a Good Movie. See­ing the bril­liant Mir­ror­mask reminded me how much this movie affected my child­hood, but see­ing it again as an adult I find it has not aged well. The spe­cial effects of course can­not rival con­tem­po­rary dig­i­tal epics, but I was sur­prised to find the sto­ry­telling stilted and overly dumbed-down. Recent kids’ movies are pitched at a more sophis­ti­cated level, not feel­ing the need to start with a lonnnnng open­ing expos­i­tory nar­ra­tive and pause every 15 min­utes or so to do a plot recap.

Still, you have to admire Jim Henson’s sheer blood­y­mind­ed­ness at spend­ing five years pulling off this difficult-to-make film. And it scores points for just being so weird.

And a quick word about the dvd: cheap menus and a hor­ren­dous print. What’s up with that?