2 Days in Paris

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I sup­pose 2 Days in Paris can be seen as both inspired by and a refu­ta­tion of Before Sun­rise and Before Sun­set, the pair of films Julie Delpy made with direc­tor Richard Lin­klater and co-star Ethan Hawke. Although more real­is­tic than most roman­tic comedy/dramas in terms of dia­log and emo­tion, it would be fair to say those films buy into cliches of young love and roman­tic adven­tures in two renowned “cities of lovers” abroad, Vienna and Paris. Despite that, both are huge per­sonal favorites of mine, and I strongly rec­om­mend watch­ing them back to back, espe­cially if you hap­pen to be about the same age as the actors.

Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg in 2 Days in ParisThe tourists went that-a-way

As writer and direc­tor of 2 Days in Paris, Julie Delpy por­trays a most unro­man­tic view of Paris, as per­haps only a French­woman could. With only a fleet­ing glimpse of the Eif­fel Tower, we mostly spend time in its moldy bohemian apart­ments, eat­ing its fast food, and as cap­tive audi­ences to its sleazily racist cab dri­vers. Not coin­ci­den­tally, the film’s view of rela­tion­ships is also bleak; Celine and Jesse (Hawke) expe­ri­ence intense pas­sion and heart­break over a total of 48 hours together (with a 10 year inter­rup­tion) in Sunrise/Sunset, but Mar­ion and Jack (Adam Gold­berg) suf­fer the over­fa­mil­iar­ity and jeal­ousy of a years-old rela­tion­ship in 2 Days in Paris. Along with mere bick­er­ing, Mar­ion and Jack fum­ble unsex­ily in bed, sneeze in each oth­ers faces, and accuse each other of infidelities.

Julie Delpy in 2 Days in ParisCom­ment dit-on… action?

The couple’s dis­as­trous two Parisian days build to a cli­mac­tic argu­ment that is unfor­tu­nately cov­ered over in voiceover. It’s a lovely bit of writ­ing, but it sums things up too well. It’s implied that the cou­ple stays together, but per­haps in 10 years Delpy will make 2 Days in New York, and we can see how Mar­ion and Jack have got on.

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