Paul Muni: Original Gangsta

Paul Muni Scarface Original Gangsta

Paul Muni Scarface Original Gangsta

The Onion AV Club’s How’d it get burned? 22 film remakes dra­mat­i­cally dif­fer­ent from the orig­i­nals piece points out that while Al Pacino’s Scar­face has become a mod­ern gangsta icon, nobody slaps the orig­i­nal Paul Muni incar­na­tion from 1930 onto t-shirts, posters, and cheezy mir­rors for sale by street ven­dors. A quick Googling con­firmed that there are no 1930/1983 Scar­face mashups to be found. So I set out to rec­tify that with some quickie Pho­to­shop jobs.

It has crossed my mind that the rea­son no one seems to have posted this sort of thing on the inter­tubes yet is that it’s prob­a­bly semi-illegal. If not against the movie stu­dios own­ing the rights to the prop­erty, then at least to the estate of Paul Muni. But this is just for fun, and I’m not try­ing to sell t-shirts or anything.

UPDATE: I took another spin through Google after fin­ish­ing the above post, and found a few exam­ples of prior art:

Keep it Gangsta T-Shirt” on Café Press: one of the only “gangsta” graph­ics I could find that used 1930s imagery. exactly what it sounds like.