Mask (Director’s Cut)

Mask movie poster


I vaguely recall see­ing Mask when I was a kid, but only recently learned A) it was directed by Peter Bog­danovich and B) there’s a well-regarded director’s cut avail­able on DVD. The film is very uncon­ven­tional for the genre of disabled-person-beating-the-odds. Roy, doomed to die from Cran­io­di­a­phy­seal dys­pla­sia, loses his friend, his girl, and dies in his sleep never ful­fill­ing his dream of trav­el­ing Europe. And yet, it is nev­er­the­less mov­ing and even uplift­ing. I think one rea­son is the sym­pa­thetic matter-of-fact pre­sen­ta­tion of a biker gang, a group often maligned or at least treated con­de­scend­ingly by Hollywood.