King Crimson Album Art: Starless and Bible Black

King Crimson Starless and Bible Black

King Crimson’s Star­less and Bible Black was the first of two stu­dio albums the band released dur­ing a busy 1974, a feat they last achieved with In the Wake of Posei­don and Lizard in 1970. Unlike the widely diver­gent 1970 albums, how­ever, Star­less and Bible Black and its fol­lowup Red were com­posed and recorded by many of the same musi­cians, and share a uni­fied char­ac­ter, intent, and sound.

Star­less and Bible Black cemented the dra­matic shift­ing of alliances that began a few months before with the debut of the totally new lineup that recorded the now-classic album Larks’ Tongues in Aspic. The con­tri­bu­tions of Bill Bru­ford, David Cross, Jamie Muir, and John Wet­ton (join­ing sole orig­i­nal mem­ber Robert Fripp) to the band’s new direc­tion are of course obvi­ous and immea­sur­able, it was to be a dif­fer­ent change in per­son­nel that arguably sparked an even greater rev­o­lu­tion in the band’s look and sound.

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King Crimson Album Art: Islands

King Crimson Islands

The story of King Crimson’s Islands is wor­thy of a soap opera: the prod­uct of a tan­gled lin­eage, trou­bled by inter­per­sonal jock­ey­ing for influ­ence, and sub­ject to a con­tin­u­ally revised legacy for 40 years. When Crim­son once set the stan­dard for iconic album art, the art­work pro­posed for their fourth stu­dio album was as poorly received by the band as it was by inter­na­tional dis­trib­u­tors. The result was two diver­gent pack­ages, nei­ther of which is a design tri­umph. The album is trou­bled musi­cally as well, fail­ing to reflect the band’s true live nature — evi­dently a dif­fi­cult job, as the fol­low­ing live album Earth­bound also didn’t cap­ture their essence. The Islands art­work wasn’t uni­fied until 1987, and the way the band actu­ally sounded onstage was lost to time until 2002.

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King Crimson Album Art: Beat

King Crimson Beat

King Crimson’s Beat dropped in June 1982, smack in the mid­dle of the most unprece­dent­edly con­sis­tent run in the band’s career before or since. After unex­pect­edly rein­car­nat­ing and rad­i­cally rein­vent­ing itself less than a year before with the album Dis­ci­pline, an intense 3-year period of activ­ity saw the band stay true to their new direc­tion, employ­ing for the first time a con­sis­tent sound, lineup, and — most rel­e­vant to the dis­cus­sion at hand — uni­fied design approach.

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Exclusive! The Expendables 3 Poster

Carter. Grier. Hamilton. Jolie. Jovovich. Thurman. Weaver. Yeoh. The Expendables 3 movie poster

Com­ing sum­mer 2014 — The Expend­ables 3! Star­ring Lynda Carter, Pam Grier, Linda Hamil­ton, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Uma Thur­man, Sigour­ney Weaver, and Michelle Yeoh.

This movie does not exist, but should. Hol­ly­wood, call me.